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Financing a business takes more than just a single application to a single lending source. With a team approach, you can get fully funded, and win.

Effective Risk Management Solutions for Financial Stability

We offer reliable Risk Management services to safeguard your assets, ensure financial stability, and navigate rapidly changing business environments. We understand that managing.

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About us

About Us

Fund Arrow was founded on a simple concept: growing businesses need both access to funds AND knowledgeable advisors who can help them navigate a challenging lending landscape. Banks often have too rigid a lending box for many innovative and growing businesses. Fund Arrow works on your behalf to position you well, present you to the right lenders, and work your application from initiation through to success.

Why AltOpX

If you don't fit in the standard commercial lending box, you're stuck. We get it. You're in need of a tenured group of entrepreneurs who offer private credit solutions to your problems.


Alternative Optionality

Unique debt & equity solutions to make something work


Tenured Consultants

We've been in your shoes at one point or another

Network Effects

If for any reason we can't help you, we'll intro you to someone who can


We're private lenders, the decision making will be quick

Our Duty

Our Duty

We strongly believe that small businesses are the heart and soul of America, and we’re proud to play a supporting role in building the American economy, creating jobs, and pushing our country forward.

At Fund Arrow, we’re excited to be part of that journey, offering our expertise and support as you shape the future of your business and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our great nation.

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