What We’ve Funded

Law Firm Factoring Loan

Law Firm Factoring Loan

A law firm needed assistance in taking a significant legal case to the finish line. AltOpX was able to structure a unique factoring loan of $100K to assist the local firm in completing their trial without having to worry about cashflow.

Wholesaler + House Flipper

Wholesaler + House Flipper

A wholesale RE company needed to close on a property without utilizing the buyer’s funds. AltOpX provided 24 hour funding to allow the wholesale transaction to occur. In addition, this same RE company took out a 1yr interest-only loan to rehab and flip a single family home.

Marina 2nd Position Working Capital Loan

Marina 2nd Position Working Capital Loan

AltOpX funded an $833K loan for a local marina + high & dry. The borrower already had an SBA first position loan/lien. AltOpX structured a unique 2nd position lien behind the SBA, collateralizing the RE + business.

Multifamily Debt + Equity Hybrid

A local multifamily management group needed a $500K down deposit funding tranche for a 12-unit complex. The remainder of the debt was being held via a seller note. AltOpX structured a hybrid debt (2nd position, interest-only loan) + equity funding arrangement, allowing the buyers to acquire the property with zero “out of pocket” funds.

Credit Card 30-Day Float

A local business owner lacked a sufficient credit score to acquire credit. He was in need of a 30-day loan, paying off a substantial invoice via credit card. AltOpX provided a unique short-term credit facility.

Yacht Rental Liquidity

A local yacht rental company owned one of their assets outright. They needed operating capital. AltOpX provided a cash-out loan from one of their yachts. Due to the unique nature of the asset, the borrower additionally signed a personal guarantee, along with cross-collateralizing the business itself.

Industrial Warehouse Acquisition

Borrower called on Weds Dec 20th. He had a $100K non-refundable deposit w/ 4 days left to close on a $3.5M industrial warehouse. SBA bank required wind insurance ($200K+/yr), couldn’t find a carrier for various reasons. We funded $2.4M to close the sale on the 30,565 St Ft Industrial property.

Rental Home Cash-Out

A local entrepreneur owned a rental home free & clear. We provided a cash-out option for the borrower, allowing him to utilize that cash for a business purchase.

Solar Equipment Loan

A local solar company had a backlog of customer orders, but lacked the cashflow to order supplies. AltOpX supplied the short term capital in order to fulfill the orders, helping start a positive-cashflow flywheel for the solar company.